RISC-V Hardware

Current RISC-V development boards provide an early place to run RISC-V applications and evaluations with standard operating systems. While most of these systems are not yet “high-performance”, we have made several RISC-V platforms available for testing and benchmarking as prototypes.

You also have the option to test RISC-V platforms with QEMU, an open-source emulation and VM tool that can run RISC-V operating systems with RISC-V CPU emulation.

Current Status

BUGS / Feature Requests

  • Physical devices are currently being set up with our standard load-out.
  • The MangoPi device currently does not support shared home due to its networking setup.

System Specifications

Node Name CPU Memory (GB) Network Platform Name Notes
johnny-rv5-1 4xU74 cores and 1xS7 core, 1.4 GHz 16 GB DDR4 1 GB Ethernet SiFive Unmatched board  
johnny-rv5-2 1 core Allwinner D1 1 GB DDR3 Wifi MangoPi MQ-Pro; MPi-MQ1PH No shared nethome/scratch
johnny-rv5-3 2xU74 cores 8 GB LPDDR4 1 GB Ethernet StarFive VisionFive (V1) Currently being deployed

Software and Tools

RISC-V images can currently be run with QEMU - we recommend using standard Ubuntu RISC-V images or SiFive’s Freedom Unleashed SDK.

ISA Simulators