Xilinx Smart SSD

The Xilinx SmartSSD provides an FPGA programmable interface to an NVMe SSD drive that can be used to accelerate storage-oriented workloads.

Xilinx SmartSSD User Guide

Smart SSD Getting Started

Right now, our Smart SSD is located in an NVMe slot on flubber9. It needs to be installed in a server since it can get quite hot and it requires an NVMe interface.

Current Firmware

This section is just for reference, as you should not need to update the firmware on this device.

We compiled the latest XRT from the Github repo so are running XRT 2.14. One of the Samsung XRT files was missing /opt/xilinx/xrt/share/fw/sched_v30.bin when attempting to install xilinx-u2-gen3x4-xdma-gc-2-202110-1-dev-1-3311104.noarch. We extracted the files from Samsung XRT debfiles and copied the file to our local XRT installation location and the errors were resolved.

After the firmware is programmed, a cold boot is required to load the new firmware image on the FPGA. Cold boot refers to fully power OFF the machine and then power it ON again.

What is the “flat” firmware used for?

See Appendix H of the User Guide <https://www.xilinx.com/content/dam/xilinx/support/documents/boards_and_kits/accelerator-cards/1_3/ug1382-smartssd-csd.pdf>`__ which refers to the layout of the flat shell, which allows for mixing the static “shell” (PCIe, DRAM controller) and dynamic user logic.