PYNQ cluster

PYNQ Z2 Cluster

Xilinx’s Python or PYNQ framework has recently been extended from supporting just PYNQ-branded boards to full devices like the Zynq and Alveo platforms. This means that PYNQ can be used on the Rogues Gallery either with PYNQ branded boards or with specific Zynq or Alveo boards.

PYNQ Cluster

The PYNQ cluster is a fully scheduled and remotely accessible PYNQ-Z2 cluster, which is part of the Rogues Gallery’s educational outreach mission. As such they are on the subnet, and they need to be accessed via the synestia2 VM with Slurm.

Resource CPU Memory (GB) FPGA Fabric Software and Features
pynq-z2-<1-40> 2 core, Arm A9 0.5 85K logic cells ZYNQ XC7Z020-1CLG400C (7000 series)
synestia<1-18> 4 core, E312xx 12 NA Ubuntu 20.04 VM for FPGA tools

Accessing the PYNQ cluster

The most up-to-date documentation is currently on the CS3220 website. Eventually it will be updated and migrated to this page.