Smart Networking - Getting Started

The Rogues Gallery supports three types of novel networking:

  • FPGA-based network devices
  • CPU-based smart network devices
  • 5G networking testbed equipment


We appreciate the donation of several Bluefield-2 boards from NVIDIA.

Smart Networking Hardware

Currently, the Rogues Gallery hosts the following smart networking hardware.

Smart Networking Hardware
Networking Accelerator Processor Type Memory Hosting Machine Notes
Bluefield-1 DPU     flubber6/7  
Bluefield-2 DPU Arm A72 CPU 16 GB DRAM quorra1/2, flubber6/7, kingpin1/2, flubber10 1 board in most nodes, 4 in flubber10
InnovaFlex-2     flubber6/7  
Intel N6000     flubber6/7  
Xilinx Alveo U50     flubber1  
Xilinx Alveo U280     flubber5  
5G equipment (TBD)