Vendor Forums

In many cases, we hope that the Rogues Gallery Teams group can be helpful to solving basic issues with novel hardware. However, at some point it is likely that you will need to post on a vendor-related forum. We have collected links to specific forums here and encourage you to sign up for the architecture you are working on.

Intel FPGA

  • Intel’s main forum can be found here. Note that the site replaces Altera’s old forum.
  • Intel vLab clusters or Intel HARP has a ReadTheDocs and you can email them at for questions specific to the cluster environment. HARP specifically has a private user forum here.
  • OPAE has some support resources listed on their Github for the OPAE SDK, but the mailing list seems inactive.
  • Intel’s general support resources site can be found here.


Xilinx FPGA

RISC-V Forums

Lucata Corporation

  • Check out the CRNCH RG Slack!
  • Lucata has a private issue tracker on Github, if you have bugs to report. Please ask about this in the Teams channel, and we will help you post your issue.

Neuromorphic Computing

Mellanox Networking